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IBAN-Name Check2.0.3

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  • Powered by SurePay

Perform multibank checks to verify if customer/supplier name and IBAN match and are correct.


Verify IBAN and name combination

Obtain confirmation that the IBAN-Name combination match before initiating a payment. 


Ensure safe transactions

Prevent fraud and misdirected payments by pre-checking customer data.


Automate processes

Create efficient processes and limit labor-intensive tasks for onboarding and maintenance of customer/supplier data.


The IBAN-Name Check API by SurePay enables you to verify customer or supplier data. 

The API performs an instant check on the correctness of your customer and supplier data (name and IBAN) based on real-time data from Dutch bank accounts. This ensures that payments are made to the right creditor, money is collected from the right debtor, and if the name and IBAN are a match for new customers and suppliers.

The API provides the following checks:

  • Confirmation of the name of the payee: 
              If the payee's name matches one of the names registered at the bank and to what extent.
  • Confirmation on the IBAN of the payee: 
              If the IBAN is valid (active/expired).
  • Information about the account: 
              If it is a business or private account, and the number of account holders. 
  • Switch Check / Overstapservice (optional): 
    Receive a notification when an account holder has switched to a new bank and the
              'switching service' / 'Overstapservice' is active.

The results of the checks are available digitally. They can be directly used in any financial system, for instance, your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software or Treasury Management System (TMS). By integrating the IBAN-Name Check API into your systems, you make your processes more efficient, safer, and reduce the risk of fraud. 

Note: This service covers 99.5% of Dutch bank accounts.

API Partner: SurePay

ABN AMRO partners with SurePay to offer the IBAN-Name Check API.

Benefits of consuming the API via ABN AMRO:

  • High-quality technical support
  • High-quality functional support on the financial value chain and beyond
  • Clear, consistent, and high-quality documentation/specifications of all APIs
  • Simple, secure, and easy, access to all relevant APIs in one place

For more information about ABN AMRO's partner and venture portfolio, see our Partner page.


To use this API in a production environment, you must have the following:

  • An ABN AMRO Business Current Account registered in the Netherlands.
  • Contract for Internet Banking Business or Access Online.
  • A TLS certificate of the type Organisation Validation (OV) or Extended Validation (EV) from Digicert, Quo Vadis, Sectigo or Entrust without wildcard options. 
  • The organization name issued on the certificate must correspond to the name of the API contract holder.


Use this API to:
  • Pay to the right creditor
  • Collect from the right debtor
  • Onboard new customers and suppliers
Usable by: 

This API can be used by ABN AMRO business customers.


This API is available for business entities incorporated in the Netherlands with an ABN AMRO Business Current Account.  

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ABN AMRO & SurePay

Together we're here to make online payments safer

ABN AMRO partners with SurePay to offer the IBAN-Name Check API.

SurePay was founded in 2016 and has been providing the IBAN-Name Check to all major Dutch banks since 2017. Since February 2020 SurePay has moved into an independent legal entity, providing services to banks, (semi) governmental institutions, and other corporates and institutions, in the Netherlands and Europe.

On a daily basis, more than 3 million checks are executed with an average response time of 0,1 seconds.

Learn more about SurePay


How it works


1. Setup your application

Implement the IBAN-Name Check API by SurePay into your application.


2. Initiate a request

Request IBAN-Name combinations from bank accounts (95.5%) in the Netherlands.


3. Get verification

Get instant checks on the correctness of your customer data based on real-time data.


The fee is determined by SurePay as follows:




Subscription fee including 750 IBAN Name Checks
EUR 225.00
Fee per extra check (>750)
EUR 0.30


If the wanted amount of IBAN Name Checks exceeds 2500 per month please contact us.

The mentioned fees do not include VAT.
ABN AMRO receives a fee as an intermediary from SurePay.

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What you need to use this API

1. Start building your application in the Sandbox.

2. Get an ABN AMRO Business Account Number.

3. Get a contract for Internet Banking Business or Acess Online.

4. Get a TLS certificate which is accepted by ABN AMRO Bank.

5. Request production access at ABN AMRO.


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