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ABN AMRO Partner

Embedded Finance

Boost your business, together with ABN AMRO. Unlock new revenue possibilities and enhance the customer experience on your app or website by seamlessly integrating our best-in-class products and services. 

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Embedded Finance

ABN AMRO + Techstars: Future of Finance Accelerator

The accelerator program focuses on exceptional entrepreneurs across all areas of fintech.

Our collaboration with Techstars is aimed at identifying and supporting innovative startups that transform financial services for businesses and consumers.

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What we bring:

  • Domain expertise 
  • Working together with early stage entrepreneurs
  • Willingness to explore and experiment
  • Even if there is no immediate relevance within the bank

ABN AMRO Ventures

ABN AMRO Ventures is our corporate venture capital fund for investing in techs and fintechs.

We seek innovative companies that specialize in digitizing financial products, services, and infrastructure. 

Investments are made in technology companies that are relevant for the bank and the digital transformation of its products and services.​

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What we bring:

  • Invest equity
  • Strategic partnership
  • Business lines
  • Support

Total fund: € 150m
Ticket size: € 2.5-15m

How you benefit:

  • ABN AMRO delivery
  • Customers
  • Balance sheet
  • Compliance
  • Brand & trust
  • European expansion

Our API partners


IBAN-Name Check

Integrate the IBAN-Name Check into your business processes. This prevents fraud and errors and allows you to realize more efficient processes.

Let's innovate together! What will you build?