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Tikkie Cashback1.0.2

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Enables Tikkie business customers to create cashback tokens.


Create cashbacks

Create and share tokens that your customers can use in the Tikkie app, to receive the money for their cashback. 


Share tokens as QR-code or URL

When your customers scan the QR-code or clicks on the link, the Tikkie app will open and show your brand in full view.


Receive real-time insights

Receive the details of a cashback that has been created and notifications when it is redeemed.


The Tikkie Cashback API is designed to be used with the 'Cashbacks with Tikkie' functionality of the Tikkie app. The API enables you to initiate payout transactions from a fund that you have deposited at Tikkie.

Use this API to request tokens that hold a monetary value of your choosing. Your customers can use this token to redeem and claim the cashback through the Tikkie app. The tokens hold a status that indicates if they are open or have been redeemed. The tokens can be printed as a QR-code or shared as a link, depending on your platform. Scanning a QR-code or clicking a link will automatically open the Tikkie app on the campaign page in your branding. 

This API can be used for various use cases, such as cashback campaigns for a promotional product, refund of deposits for rental services, or to facilitate transactions in loyalty programs. If you have a solution and are wondering about the applicability of Tikkie, please reach out to us.  

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To use this API in a production environment, you must have the following:


Use this API to:
  • Create cashbacks
  • Retrieve cashback campaign details
  • Retrieve cashback details
  • Subscribe to notifications
Usable by: 

This API can be used by issuers, merchants and software vendors.


This API is available to all customers with Dutch bank accounts, and for use in the Netherlands only.

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Tikkie treats

Tikkie and KitKat team up

In July 2023, Tikkie turned 7 years old 🥳. To celebrate their birthday, Tikkie gave away a free Kit Kat Mini Mix. Consumers were able to buy it and get their money back with Tikkie.

Companies can also offer cashbacks to our 9 million Tikkie users. And the API is also used for loyalty programs, for instance via Portera for Nutricia. It also makes it possible to get your deposit from KFC with Tikkie. And last but not least, companies can hire a deposit machine in collaboration with Statiegeld NL and our RVM partners.

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How it works


1. Request a token

Using the Tikkie Cashback API, the company requests a token of €10,00 for the campaign.


2. Share the link as QR or URL

After receiving the token, the company displays a link in their consumer loyalty account.


3. Payout

The consumer scans the QR or clicks on the link, and receives €10,00 in their bank account through the Tikkie app.

Try it out

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Interested in Tikkie Cashback? We will gladly help you get up to speed and offer the best customer journey to your brand.

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