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Consumer Investments Instrument2.2.0

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Retrieve Investment Instrument details or Instrument List.


 Retrieve investment instrument details

Receive relevant investment instrument details related to instrument code.


Retrieve Instrument list 

Receive instrument list based on different criteria e.g. ISIN code, instrument type, marketplace, instrument name, etc. or the full load of all active instruments.


Multiple types of response

Get one of two types of responses available: application/JSON and  text/csv format, if you choose the full load.


This API provides functionality to retrieve investment instruments details. Response type 'application/json' is applicable for both getInstrument and getInstrumentList methods where response type 'text/CSV' is only applicable for getInstrumentList method.

This API provides the following functionality:

  • Specific Instrument
  • Instrument List
  • Current active/inactive instrument details overview
  • Instrument end of day price


To use this API in a production environment, you must have the following:

  • You must be an external Asset Manager (EAM).
  • You should already be in contact with our IAM department.

Advantages of using this API

  • Automatically retrieve instrument data.
  • Provide valuable insights to your users.
  • Reduce manual steps in data gathering processes.



Use this API to: 

  • Retrieve instrument details/list

Usable by:

  • Only Independent Asset Managers (IAM).


  • Only in the Netherlands.

How it works


Setup your application

Integrate our API into your application.


Initiate a request 

Request investment instrument data based on different criteria's or full load of active instruments.


Retrieve data

Receive investment Instrument data into your application. 

Try it out

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For pricing information on this API, contact us.

What do you need to use this API

1. Start building your application in the sandbox.

2. Create username.

3. Provide an email address.

4. Provide your company name.

5. Request production access.

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