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Generic Error Codes

This topic describes the generic error codes of ABN AMRO API products.

Response attributes

These response attributes are explained below:

Name Type Required Description
code String true Code that uniquely identifies the error for the API
message String true Long text message describing the error
reference String true API Documentation link
status Integer true HTTP Status code
traceId String true Unique request ID associated with the API call


Error codes

Error codes in the error response uniquely describe the error. Whenever you contact API Support for any specific error you are seeing in an API, provide the error code and traceId.

Details of generic error codes are as follows:

Code Category Description
ERR_1001_001 INCORRECT_HEADER Malformed or incorrect Authorization header
ERR_1002_001 MISSING_HEADER Basic authentication header missing
ERR_1002_002 MISSING_HEADER Access token header missing
ERR_1002_003 MISSING_HEADER API Key Header missing
ERR_1003_001 MALFORMED_REQUEST JSON Request: Container Depth exceeded
ERR_1003_002 MALFORMED_REQUEST JSON Request: Number of elements/ properties in an object exceeded the allowed limit
ERR_1003_003 MALFORMED_REQUEST JSON Request: Number of elements in an array exceeded the allowed limit
ERR_1003_004 MALFORMED_REQUEST JSON Request: Object entry/property name too long
ERR_1003_005 MALFORMED_REQUEST JSON Request: Object property value too long
ERR_1003_006 MALFORMED_REQUEST Request message malformed
ERR_1003_007 MALFORMED_REQUEST SOAP Request Message malformed
ERR_1004_001 INCORRECT_PARAMETER Incorrect or missing value for {parameter name}
ERR_1004_002 INCORRECT_PARAMETER Incorrect value of grant type
ERR_1004_003 INCORRECT_PARAMETER Token passed is not a valid token type
ERR_1004_004 INCORRECT_PARAMETER Incorrect or missing value for client_assertion_type.
ERR_1005_001 JWT_LIFESPAN_TOO_LONG JWT lifespan is too long.
ERR_1006_001 JWT_INCORRECT An attribute is incorrect, see the error message.
ERR_1007_001 JWT_INCOMPLETE An attribute is missing, see the error message.
ERR_1008_001 JWT_EXPIRED The presented JWT has expired.
ERR_1009_001 JWT_INACTIVE The presented JWT is not active.
ERR_1010_001 JWT_INVALID The signature of the presented JWT is not valid.
ERR_1010_002 JWT_INVALID The algorithm used to sign the presented JWT is not supported.
ERR_1011_001 JWT_MALFORMED The presented JWT is malformed.
ERR_2001_001 INVALID_CLIENT_IDENTIFIER Client identifier is either missing or invalid.
ERR_2002_001 INVALID_ACCESS_TOKEN Invalid access token.
ERR_2003_001 ACCESS_TOKEN_EXPIRED Access token expired.
ERR_2004_002 APIKEY_STATUS_NOT_ACTIVE The creator of the developer application, whose API key you are using, has an inactive status.
ERR_2004_003 APIKEY_STATUS_NOT_ACTIVE The developer application associated with the API key has been revoked.
ERR_2005_001 INVALID_API_KEY Invalid API Key
ERR_2005_002 INVALID_API_KEY API Key cannot be used for the API call.
ERR_3001_001 ACCESS_DENIED Access denied for this IP address.
ERR_3002_001 INSUFFICIENT_SCOPE Insufficient scope of the token. Token cannot be used for this call.
ERR_3002_002 INSUFFICIENT_SCOPE Insufficient scope of the token. Token cannot be used for this call.
ERR_7001_001 QUOTA_VIOLATION Quota for the call has been exceeded.
ERR_7002_001 TOO_MANY_REQUESTS Spikes in an API call.
ERR_8XXX_XXX INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR All errors of this code range correspond to an internal server error.
ERR_9001_001 SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE Service is currently unavailable.



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