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Become a Bug Hunter

Report weak spots in IT systems

Security is a top priority for ABN AMRO. To ensure secure banking for our customers, we are continuously improving our systems and processes to maintain their reliability. If you nevertheless notice a weak spot in one of our IT systems, we would appreciate it if you would report it to us.

Report a weak spotReport phishing and fraud

    Secure banking

    Help us to secure banking by becoming a bug hunter

    Work with us to find a solution

    Responsible disclosure

    Anyone can make a mistake. We won't deny that this can also happen to us. However, publicising weak spots in our IT systems without having spoken to us about them first may have serious consequences, however good your intentions are. Criminals might use your information, for example, to commit internet fraud. For this reason, we want to ask you to first report the mistake to us and to work with us to find a solution so that we can prevent fraud or system failures.

    What you can report

    You can report a range of weak spots in our IT systems to us, preferably as soon as possible. These include:
    • cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
    • SQL injection vulnerabilities
    • encryption weaknesses, etc.


    Go to the FAQ section of the responsible disclosure page for aswers to frequently asked questions. Examples:
    • What are the rules for a responsible disclosure?
    • Will I be rewarded for my investigations?
    • Can I publicise my investigations and the weak spots I identify?
    • Can I also report a weak spot anonymously?

    TelephoneNeed help?

    Check the frequently asked questions or contact us. We are happy to help.

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