Payment Initiation (PSD2)

Initiate payments and retrieve information on the status of the transaction. You need a PSD2 license to use this service.



Payment Initiation (PSD2) APIs can be used by third party payment service providers (TPP) to initiate payments from ABN AMRO accounts. A payment can only be initiated from an account when ABN AMRO's client authorizes this payment through the consent application. For more information see the PSD2 section.

A sandbox environment is available for development and testing. Access to production can be requested if your organization has a PSD2 or banking license.

Get started

Get an API key

  1. Register and create an account on the ABN AMRO Developer Portal. Click here to register.
  2. Log in to your account. Click here to login.
  3. Create an app, subscribe to the Account Information API, and get API credentials. Click here to create an app.
  4. Get access token, see Authorization
  5. Start developing. See Sandbox, Technical, Single payments tutorial, and Batch payments tutorial.

To provide feedback on this API, see contact..

Get Access to Production

Access to production can be requested if your organization has a PSD2 or banking license. For more information check the PSD2 section

To get access to production:

  1. Request access to ABN AMRO PSD2 APIs using the Contact form. The ABN AMRO API services team will contact you to discuss the details of your request.

  2. Complete the technical setup form and send this together with your PSD2 compliant QWAC EIDAS SSL certificate to ABN AMRO.

  3. ABN AMRO validates the technical setup form and EIDAS certificate, and starts the on-boarding process for the PSD2 APIs. This normally doesn't take longer than one working day.

  4. The ABN AMRO API Services team provides you with production access details.

Note: Unfortunately for account holders it is not yet possible to get API access to their own accounts.


If you require access as a TPP to ABN AMRO accounts you must have a PSD2 license from a local competent authority. In the Netherlands, this is De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). If you require access to accounts in other countries you must have a license in that country as well. You can get access to ABN AMRO accounts in NL, GB, BE, and DE through the Developer Portal.

Licensing requirements

API AISP License PISP License Banking License Payment Instrument Issuing License
Payment Initiation (PSD2) N Y Y N

EIDAS certificate The bank accepts only Qualified Website Authentication Certificates (QWAC) from Qualified Trusted Service Providers (QSTPs) that are on the trusted list with CEF Digital. This certificate is used for identification during on-boarding, and is also required for authorization to access the APIs.