Account Information

Retrieve details of an account such as balance transactions, balance and details.



Account Information are a set of API's that are used by third party payment service providers (TPP) to retrieve information for ABN AMRO accounts. Account information can only be accessed when the ABN AMRO account holder authorizes this access through the consent application. Please also check the PSD2 section.

A sandbox environment for testing will become available in February/March. Access to production can be requested when PSD2 legislation has become effective.

Getting Access

Account Information is available to TPP's. Please check the PSD2 section for details.

Development and Testing

You can start developing now using our documentation. The sandbox will be available in February/March. If you register your application for account information, we will let you know once the sandbox is live.

This is how to get started:

Get Access to Production

We offer Account Information to TPP's with a PSD2 license. Please check the PSD2 section for details.

Follow the steps below to get access to production:

1. Contact us
You can request access to PSD2 API's by using the Contact us form. Our API Services team will contact you to discuss details of your request. They will ask you to provide information that will help us to determine your identity and authorizations for PSD2 access.

2. Request a certificate
To get access to our API’s an EIDAS SSL certificate is required.

3. Sign documentation
After we have validated your identity and authorizations for PSD2 access, we will send you setup documents/forms. These will need to be signed by authorized representatives of your organization.

4. Setup
Once we have validated your identity and PSD2 permissions and have received the duly signed documentation, we will start the onboarding for the PSD2 API's.

5. Go Live
After you completed testing of your application we will activate access to production. Our API Services team will help you going live.


When you require access as a TPP to ABN AMRO accounts you need a PSD2 license from a local competent authority. In the Netherlands, this is DNB. If you require access to accounts in other countries you need a license in that country as well. You can get access to ABN AMRO accounts in NL, GB, BE and DE through the Developer Portal once legislation has become active.

Please check the table below for the required license:

API AISP License PISP License Banking License Payment Instrument Issuing License
Account Transactions Y N Y N
Account Balance Y N Y N
Account Details Y N Y N