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Access account information

Retrieve details from an ABN AMRO account, such as: transactions, balance, and name of the account holder.


Valuable insights

Based on transaction data and real-time balances, develop applications that give valuable insights.


PSD2 Compliant

This API is PSD2 compliant. Any Account Information Service Provider (AISP) with a PSD2 license can use this product.


The Accounts Information (PSD2) API provides your customers with aggregated financial information, or an overview of balances from accounts held at different banks.
It enables you to retrieve transactions and real-time balances from ABN AMRO payment accounts. Account information can only be accessed with the ABN AMRO account holders permission.


To use this API in a production environment, you must have the following:

  • A PSD2 licence:
    To access ABN AMRO accounts as a third party service provider, you must have a PSD2 license that has been granted by a local competent authority. In the Netherlands, the local competent authority is De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). If you require access to accounts in other countries, you also need a license in those countries.
  • An EIDAS certificate: 
    ABN AMRO only accepts Qualified Website Authentication Certificates (QWAC) from Qualified Trusted Service Providers (QSTPs) that are on the trusted list with CEF Digital only. This certificate is used for identification, and is also required for OAUTH authorization when accessing APIs.

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Use this API to retrieve:
  • Transaction information
  • Current balance
  • Account details
  • Available funds
Usable by: 

This API can only be used by Account Information Service Providers (AISP) with a PSD2 license.


This API is available to all payment accounts in the Netherlands; corporate customers in Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom; and private banking customers in Belgium and Germany.

Learn about PSD2


PSD2 Explained

A number of changes are taking place in the area of payment services. These changes relate to a new European directive PSD2 (Payment Services Directive). One of the main objectives of PSD2 is to boost competition and innovation in the area of payment services.

The most significant change for ABN AMRO customers is that they will be able to give licensed third parties access to their current accounts. For the customer, this will enhance and create new experiences.

Alongside banks, other companies and organisations will be able to access account information and initiate payment services. Customer permission is required.

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How it works


1. Explain your proposition

Within your application, explain your proposition and the value it offers to the customer.


2. Request customer consent

Ask the customer to give access to their ABN AMRO payment account using the existing signing methods.


3. Get account information

Retrieve details of an account such as account holder name, transaction history and real-time balances.

Try it out

Start building in our sandbox

Want to see what you can do with this API? 

Add a new app and start experimenting in our sandbox.

What you need to use this API

1. Start building your application in the sandbox.

2. Get a PSD2 license from the regulator.

3. Request a certificate for your connection (PSD2 QWAC EIDAS SSL).

4. Request production access at ABN AMRO.

5. Get consent from the customer.


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