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Account Information (PSD2)

Retrieve information from an ABN AMRO account, such as: transactions, balance, and name of the account holder. You need a PSD2 license to use this service.

Payment Initiation (PSD2)

Initiate payments and retrieve information on the status of the transaction. You need a PSD2 license to use this service.

Tikkie Payment Request

Get paid faster by creating and sharing payment requests.

Tikkie Fast Checkout (for Webshops & E-commerce)

Boost the conversion rate of your webshop by enabling customers to checkout in just a few seconds.

FX Trade

Receive real-time foreign exchange rates and initiate currency conversions.

Business Account Insight

Receive fully automated transaction data on your bank account.

ALFAM Consumer Loan

Apply for a consumer loan at ALFAM in a fully digital, fast and efficient way.

Company Information

Display your company information and logo on the bank statement of your customer when executing a payment.

Notification Kit

Receive notifications for a wide range of use cases and automate banking processes when something changes on your account.