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Join our Open Banking Circle

Open Banking Circle

Would you like to work closely with ABN AMRO to help us develop the APIs you need? We are seeking business clients who want to co-create, develop and test business ideas based on APIs.

With our expertise and your creativity, we will work together to expand our API portfolio. The solutions we build will represent your business needs and help you stand out in your industry. Together, our cooperation will boost innovation.

Innovate with us!

At ABN AMRO, our Open Banking teams are experienced in delivering outstanding new solutions in the form of quality APIs.
We believe that client input is extremely valuable. This is why we want to involve you in our ideation and experimental stage. 
By collaborating with a select group of business clients, ABN AMRO aims to create and validate new API ideas. Together we can improve the solutions offered by our APIs and meet your business needs.

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Benefits of joining our Open Banking Circle


Innovate together

Working together with ABN AMRO's Open Banking teams will stimulate innovation, accelerate development, and boost business.

Early access

By joining our Open Banking Circle, you are guaranteed to have Early Access to ABN AMRO's APIs.

6 months free!

For the first 6 months there will be no costs associated with the usage of newly developed ABN AMRO's APIs.

Roadmap and market insights

Our members will have access and insights into the developments at ABN AMRO and changes in the Open Banking market.

Opportunities to differentiate

With the insights gained from joining ABN AMRO's Open Banking Circle, you can differentiate your business from your market competitors.

Expand your community

By joining our Open Banking Circle, you will be able to connect with ABN AMRO's other business client members and have the opportunity to expand your community.

How collaboration works

Way of working

Approach is based on ABN AMRO's DARE Innovation

DARE offers structure and guidance during innovation processes and ensures that the innovation wheel does not have to be reinvented time and again. DARE provides structure and guidance and helps you to find and develop new solutions for your business.
ABN AMRO's DARE Innovation PortalRead our blog 

Phase 1:

Phase 1 is all about ideas. We will discuss, in detail, future opportunities to innovate.

Note: No preparation is required on your part.

1. Explorative interviews

To kick-start the collaboration, an explorative interview is planned in order to define potential search areas.
Details: one-off, 1 hour

2. Weighing of ideas

To select API propositions for the next step, you will help to evaluate proposals. You will be asked to justify and substantiate 3 to 7 API ideas.
Details: ~3x per year, 3x10 min
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3. Validation interviews

Interviews are held to determine the market value of your proposed API ideas. The interviews are performed within a 2 week period together with our Open Banking team.
Details: ~3x per year, 3x1 hour

Phase 2:

Phase 2 is all about experimentation. We will prototype and test the validated API ideas.

1. Prototype testing

Having built a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) in the form of a prototype, you will have up to 2 weeks to test the API.


Details: ~3 per x year, 3x30 min

2. Validation interviews

If the prototype successfully passed testing, interviews are held to examine the API's functionalities. The interviews are performed within a 2 week period together with our Open Banking team.
Details: ~3x per year, 3x1 hour

Join our Open Banking Circle

If you are interested and want to join ABN AMRO's Open Banking Circle, get in touch with us by filling in the contact form.

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