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Open Source

ABN AMRO Open Source

Why Open Source?

Open Source is instrumental in driving innovation and solving problems together. At ABN AMRO, we believe in empowering the developer community and community based innovation.


We use Open Source to innovate and we release projects to share our innovations. Use our code to fuel your ideas. What will you build?

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    Our Projects

    Repository Scanner

    The Repository Scanner (RESC) helps discover secrets in source code (passwords, credentials, tokens, or certificates). Using RESC, you can see where you might have missed something or could improve while increasing security.


    Help to secure banking

    Security is a top priority for ABN AMRO. If you notice a weak spot in one of our IT systems, we would appreciate it if you would report it to us. Help us to secure banking by becoming a bug hunter!

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    Use our code to fuel your ideas. What will you build?

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    Check the frequently asked questions or contact us. We are happy to help.

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