Offer a responsible, clear and easy to use loan facility to your customers by allowing them to pay their purchase in monthly instalments.

For every customer
Tweadle is available for everyone who is 18 years or older. Customers of all Dutch banks can use Tweadle.
Multi channel customer access
Tweadle can be used everywhere for your customers. In-store, online and on mobile devices.
Risk free
We assess your clients to make sure they can carry the loan. Once a loan is approved, we bear the risk and guarantee the payment.
What is it?

Tweadle offers a loan as a payment method for your customers. Next to iDEAL and other payments methods, Tweadle is a valuable extra payment option. Tweadle is a loan connected to a specific product with monthly instalments including interest. The customer is able to spread the costs of the purchase over time.

We make sure that a customer is eligible for a loan and has the financial capacity to carry it. The loan process is done in a fully online process, which takes about 15 minutes. No paperwork is required, all relevant information is securely and digitally collected.

We are able to process payments from EUR 750 up to EUR 75.000. This enables you to increase the online conversion on higher priced products.

More information about Tweadle? Click on 'Learn More' to go to the Tweadle website.


  • Tweadle is currently in a Closed Beta phase, meaning we are actively acquiring feedback from our retailers to enhance our product. In return we want to share our knowledge and help you increase conversion.

  • We search for retailers with an online and/or offline sales channel looking for ways to boost your revenue with the customer in mind.

Part of this API: 
Loan initiation request
Loan status request
Case Study
A purchase for life at BOL Pianos & Vleugels

A piano is often a purchase for life. Bol Pianos & Vleugels offers and demonstrates the finest instruments to its customers. Sometimes, the price of the instrument exceeds the customer’s budget, but fits with the current and future needs of the customer.

Bol Pianos & Vleugels, in collaboration with Tweadle, is happy to offer it's customers a flexible payment option. With Tweadle, our customers can (partially) finance their purchase in a fully digital process.

Why use it?

With the Tweadle API you can:

  • Increase your conversion
  • Offer your customers a spread payment facility
  • Tweadle pays you for the product, your customer pays us monthly instalments
  • Seamless integration, thanks to our easy plugins and API
Usable By: 
Software Vendors
The Netherlands
Works with all Dutch banks

Getting curious?

The documentation and sandbox will be available when we launch the Tweadle API. Interested to get access in the future? Contact us!

How does it work?
The API works with just 3 easy steps:
Offer a loan facility
Offer a responsible, clear and easy to use loan facility to your customers.
Check approval
The application is completely online, so you know quickly whether the loan is approved.
Provide product
You get your money immediately, your customer his purchase. Handy for everyone.

What does it cost?

There are no cost involved.

What you'll need
Build your application on Sandbox
Get a Tweadle contract