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Get paid faster by creating easy payment requests. Share them via any channel you want.

Send B2B or B2C payment requests
Tikkie lets you create payment requests. Your clients do not need to install a separate app and have a one click payment experience.
Works with all banks
It works for everybody. It does not matter which Dutch bank a consumer is using for his payments.
Real-time insight
Users pay via iDEAL. Payments are settled immediately which gives you real-time insight in the payment status of your requests.
What is it?

With the Tikkie API you can generate automatic payment requests. The links can be shared via SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or any other channel you want.

The payment is done via iDEAL and your clients do not need to install a separate app to be able to pay. Tikkie works for anyone with a Dutch bank account. Super easy.

Tikkie currently counts over 4 million users and has a NPS score of +78. An impressing 80% of all payment requests are paid within 24 hours and even 50% within 1 half an hour! Make use of Tikkie for your business to get paid faster and improve your cash flow.

Click on 'learn more' below to go to our website for visuals and more information.


  • Only successfully completed payment requests will be charged.
  • The Tikkie API can only be used for payment requests from your company to your customer. Consumer to Consumer (C2C) use of the API is not allowed.
  • Generating payment requests on behalf of third parties is not possible.
  • Next to the Tikkie API, we offer a Tikkie Fast Checkout API, Tikkie Portal (Business) and Tikkie App (Retail & Business).
Part of this API: 
Payment requests
Case Study
SKIPPEN: Pay with Tikkie in the SPAR University shop!

Supermarkets are aiming on a higher customer experience and more ease of use. Waiting in line for the checkout is still one of the biggest annoyances and most supermarkets are already using self-scan checkouts to speed up the payment process.

The next level is a supermarket without a checkout. After a year of testing Amazon opened its first supermarket with no checkout in Seattle. In the Dutch market Albert Heijn announced to launch a ‘Tap and Go’ concept to all AH To Go supermarkets in the summer of this year, but the scoop goes to SPAR University and Tikkie with SKIPPEN!

SKIPPEN is very simple to use:

  1. Grab & scan your product(s)
  2. Pay with Tikkie & skip the line
  3. Check out & get your reward
Why use it?

Are you searching for possibilities to reduce the cost of your debt collection processes? Needing webcare agents to have a tool for direct check-outs? Or do you want to work with mobile points of sales? Tikkie can help!

With the Tikkie API you can create:

  • Easy payment requests
  • Share them any way you want
  • Let your users pay with an 1-click experience
Usable By: 
Software Vendors
The Netherlands
Works with all Dutch banks (iDEAL)

Getting curious?

Want to see what you can do with the API? Request your personal API key and start experimenting in our sandbox!

How does it work?
The Tikkie API lets you create a payment request platform which can be used to register new users and create unique payment requests. The API works with three easy steps.
Setup a platform
Setup a platform, create the users you need for your own usage. By creating users you can differentiate the payment requests you send and payments will be transferred to the bank account set for that user.
Send a payment request
Create unique payment requests for a given bank account. Then share these via SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or any channel you want. Users can pay their requests via iDEAL.
Retrieve payment information
Retrieve information about payments that are actually paid to your system to have a total overview.

What does it cost?

Amounts stated consider a monthly basis, counting from zero each first day of the month. They address succesfully completed payment requests.

Tiered Pricing Number of Paid Tikkie Requests
EUR 0.25 per Tikkie 0-100 paid Tikkie requests
EUR 0.20 per Tikkie 101-500 paid Tikkie requests
EUR 0.15 per Tikkie >500 paid Tikkie requests
What you'll need
ABN AMRO developer account
Get access to the Sandbox
Tikkie contract