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Terminal Data

Receive data that has been generated by your Point Of Sale terminal during a transaction to automate your reconciliation.

Optimize your POS fleet
Analyze when specific POS terminals are used (and not used) and optimize their usage.
Automate POS reconciliation
Replace the manual process of reconciling POS payments by matching Transaction IDs to Terminal IDs.
Get a grip in your POS costs
By seeing what terminal made a specific transaction you can allocate the costs for (for instance) franchisers.
What is it?

The Terminal Data API enables your business to receive data that the POS (Point Of Sale) terminal generated during a PIN transaction such as TerminalID, ContractID and TransactionType.


  • Besides fully usable live API Products, we also provide early access to APIs that are in development and our (experimental) ideas.

  • This API is currently in the Prototype stage, which means we offer a simulated environment which can be used for development, but not in a live digital product. We might create the service in the future, depending on testing results and user interest.

Part of this API: 
Terminal data
Why use it?

By aggregating this information you can now reconcile your POS payments in transaction level and link each transaction to the terminal it was made from. No more unresolved posts at the end of the day, but fully automated reconciliation!

This information is also very useful for companies renting out POS terminals, enabling more detailed insights in the use of the POS terminal.

Usable By: 
Corporate Clients
The Netherlands
ABN AMRO Terminals

Getting curious?

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