Payment Initiation

Initiate payments and retrieve information.

Transfer funds
Initiate a single payment and retrieve information on the status of the transaction.
Build new payment experiences
Develop applications which enable new payment experiences and let your business grow.
PSD2 Compliant
Ready to use by Payment Initiation Service Providers with a PSD2 license.
What is it?

With the Payment Initiation API we offer a service which enables you to initiate a single or batch payments from an ABN AMRO payment account to another account. You can retrieve the status of a previously initiated transaction to keep track.

A payment can only be intiatedinitiated from an account when ABN AMRO's account holder authorizes this payment.


  • When you require access as a third party service provider to ABN AMRO accounts, you need a PSD2 license from a local competent authority and a PSD2 QWAC EIDAS SSL certificate.
  • In the Netherlands, the local competent authority is 'De Nederlandsche Bank' (DNB). If you require access to accounts in other countries you need a (passported) license in that country as well.


Part of this API: 
Payment Initiation
Payment Status
Case Study
PSD2 Explained

A number of changes will take place in the area of payment services. These changes relate to a new European directive PSD2 (Payment Services Directive). One of the main objectives of PSD2 is to boost competition and innovation in the area of payment services.

The most significant change for ABN AMRO customers is that they will be able to give licensed third parties access to their current accounts. For the customer, this will enhance and create new experiences.

Alongside banks, other companies and organisations will be able to access account information and initiate payment services. This can only be done with permission of the customer.

Why use it?

Do your customers want to initiate payments from your application or do they want to use one bank application for several banks? Then Payment Initiation is the API you need to build an application or website which solves problems like these for your customers.

With the Payment Initiation API you can:

  • Send in payment instructions directly from your application or website
  • Create remarkable client experiences
  • Reduce manual steps needed for payment processes
Usable By: 
Payment Initiation Service Providers with a PSD2 license
All Payment Accounts (The Netherlands)
Corporate Customers (Belgium, Germany & United Kingdom)
Private Banking Customers (Belgium, Germany)

Getting curious?

Want to see what you can do with the API? Add a new app and start experimenting in our sandbox!

How does it work?
Account holders can send in payments via your application. The API works with three easy steps.
Initiate a payment
From your application, initiate a payment from an ABN AMRO payment account to another account.
Request customer consent
Let your customer sign the payment by using the already existing signing methods.
Retrieve information
Next, retrieve the status of a previously initiated transaction to keep track.
What you'll need
Start building your application on Sandbox
Get license from the regulator
Request certificate for your connection (PSD2 QWAC EIDAS SSL)
Request production access at ABN AMRO
Get consent from customer