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Receive notifications about incoming or outgoing payments, balance changes and consent expiration.

Receive relevant notifications
Subscribe to the notifications you want and get alerted when something changes on your account.
Automate processes
No need to poll your bank account or do manual checking. We enable you to automate processes like reconciliation and pay-outs.
Always have the latest account information available when something changes on your account.
What is it?

The Notification API enables business clients of ABN AMRO to receive notifications based on subscriptions you create.

With this service applications can notify you about incoming or outgoing payments, balance changes and (PSD2) consent expiration.


  • Besides fully usable live API Products, we also provide early access to APIs that are in development and our (experimental) ideas.

  • This API is currently in the Prototype stage, which means we offer a simulated environment which can be used for development, but not in a live digital product. We might create the service in the future, depending on testing results and user interest. 

Part of this API: 
Why use it?

Are you currently polling your bank account or checking statements manually? No need! From now on we will proactively inform you about specific events on your account. For example when a payment has been received, a payment is exceeding a specified limit or when a consent (PSD2) is about to expire.

With this service you can automate processes (like reconciliation and pay-outs):

  • Select where you want to get notified about.
  • Build in extra control measures on spending limits.
  • If something happens or a threshold is triggered: Ding! You will know and can act on it.
Usable By: 
Corporate Clients
The Netherlands
Corporate ABN AMRO Payment Accounts

Getting curious?

Working closely together will offer opportunities to accelerate innovation and further improve services to our clients. Interested or want share your ideas? Let us know!