FX Trade

Receive real-time foreign exchange rates and initiate currency conversions.

Request Rates
Request real-time foreign exchange rates on world’s most traded currencies.
Convert Currencies
Convert currencies against real-time quotes and retrieve information on the status of your trades.
Micro Hedge
Prevent risk accumulation by micro hedging small foreign currency exposures.

With the Foreign Exchange (FX) Trade API we offer a REST service which enables you to request real-time rates and quotes from ABN AMRO for the world’s most traded currencies. You can retrieve the status and details of previously requested quotes and trade executions. The transacted amounts will settle over your ABN AMRO foreign currency accounts on the selected settlement date.

The FX Trade API is available for corporate customers who specifically want to execute a high number of foreign exchange transactions in small amounts. Companies that typically face these challenges are: travel agencies, tour operators and payment service providers.

Other companies that can benefit from using this API are firms that look for high levels of automation. This API allows for integration with ERP and in-house Treasury systems. Together with the Account Information and Payments Initiation APIs from ABN AMRO, customers are able to automate complete Payments and FX hedging workflows.

NOTE: Transactions executed via this service are subject to the same conditions, as applicable to FX execution via electronic channels.

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Part of this API: 
Indicative Rates
Currency Conversion
Status & Trade History
Case Study
Treasury automation with APIs

Are you doing business abroad? Then it is essential to know if that deal converted into euros is still attractive.

Want to learn how APIs help you to automate your treasury activities? Here is a video wich gives you the insights.

Advantages of using this API

Do you want to request rates and trade on real-time foreign exchange quotes from your application? Do you want to automate your treasury management? Then ABN AMRO’s FX Trade API is the service you want.

With the FX Trade API you are able to protect against foreign currency exposures directly as they appear. This Micro-hedging workflow prevents you from risk accumulation, constant monitoring, decisions making and manual trade executions.

With the FX Trade API you can:

  • Automate your treasury management workflow.
  • Micro hedge foreign currency exposures.
  • Create ultimate foreign exchange client experiences.
Usable By: 
ABN AMRO Corporate Customers

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How it works
With the FX Trade API you can receive real-time foreign exchange rates and initiate currency conversions. The API works with just 3 easy steps.
Setup your application
Implement the FX Trade API into your application and make it visible to the user.
Initiate a request
Request real-time rates and quotes from ABN AMRO for the world’s most traded currencies.
Retrieve status
After initiating a request, you can retrieve information on the status of your trades.

What does it cost?

Access to this service is free of charge for ABN AMRO clients with foreign currency accounts.

What you'll need
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