Customer Insights Kit

Exchange customer data for a wide range of use cases by getting a response on topics like name, age, address and salary.

Retrieve customer data
You can exchange customer data (like name, address, age and salary) with consent of the user of your services.
Automate processes
No need to do manual checking. We enable you to automate the exchange of data.
Always have the latest information available when something changes.
What is it?

The Customer Insights Kit enables you to retrieve key user information. Real-time and fully automated. With a simple click and subject to his consent, users can share their name, address, age, email and more without filling in tedious forms.

As a business, this API enables you to simplify customer journeys for onboarding, boost conversion rates and reduce errors.

We are performing studies on which use cases we could support with these kind of services. Interested or want share your ideas? Let us know! We are happy to get into touch and hear how we can help you to perform. 


  • Besides fully usable live API Products, we also provide early access to APIs that are in development and our (experimental) ideas.
  • These APIs are currently in the Idea stage, which means we invite you to share your enthusiasm, thoughts and feedback. We might create the service in the future, depending on testing results and user interest. 
Part of this API: 
Salary Range
Monthly Income
Performed Transaction
Many more...
Why use it?

Are you in need to receive specific client data for crucial use cases? Do you want to improve your customer journey (like onboarding)? Then the APIs in the Customer Insight Kit are the ones you need.

You can easily retrieve information of your clients:

  • Select what client data you want to recieve.
  • Pre-fill customer data and build in extra control measures in your customer journey.
  • Recieve the customer data that is registered and checked at the bank.
  • Use this for enhance the automation on your side. 
Usable By: 
Software Vendors
Corporate Clients
The Netherlands

Getting curious?

Working closely together will offer opportunities to accelerate innovation and further improve services to our clients. Interested or want share your ideas? Let us know!