Corporate Accounts

Retrieve real-time account information to get valuable insights and simplify reconciliation.

Access to account details
Retrieve details of an account such as currency and name of the owner.
Valuable insights
Develop applications which give valuable insights based on transaction history and real-time balances.
Secure and real-time information
Always have the latest account information available with automatic data transfer and a secured connection.
What is it?

The Corporate Accounts API enables you to retrieve transaction history and real-time balances from ABN AMRO payment accounts.

By using this service, applications can access general account information (such as the account holder name) or specific attributes of a transaction (such as amount and book date). Overviews of the transaction history are available in both end-of-day (CAMT.053) and real-time format.


  • Besides fully usable live API Products, we also provide early access to APIs that are in development and our (experimental) ideas.

  • This API is currently in a Closed Beta stage, which means a beta version of the API Product available for testing by a limited amount of participants.

Part of this API: 
Transactions (CAMT)
Transactions (JSON)
Why use it?

Do you want to build a financial application or website which aggregates information of multiple accounts? Or let your users gain valuable insights based on transaction history of ABN AMRO payment accounts? Then the Corporate Accounts API is the API you need.

You can automatically retrieve transaction history and balance information to fuel your app, website or financial software system. With it you can reduce manual steps needed for data gathering processes and provide valuable insights to your users. 

The data is transfered via a secure connection between your systems and ABN AMRO. 

Usable By: 
Corporate Clients
The Netherlands
Corporate ABN AMRO Payment Accounts

Getting curious?

The documentation and sandbox will be available when we launch the Corporate Accounts API. Want to participate in our closed beta? Request early access!

How does it work?
The Corporate Accounts API includes multiple operations. Using it you can retrieve account details, balances, transactions and end-of-day reports. Getting it to work, takes two steps.
Set up a secure connection
A signed TLS certificate is needed to setup and secure the connection. The certificate can be requested from selected Certificate Authorities.
Get account information
Retrieve details of an account such as account holder name, transaction history and real-time balances.
What you'll need
ABN AMRO developer account
Get access to the Sandbox
Corporate Accounts API contract
TLS certificate for your connection