Enables Tikkie business customers to create payment requests.

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The Tikkie API enables Tikkie business customers to create payment requests.

This API provides the following functionality: - Create payment requests and retrieve transaction details
- List payments that have been made on a request
- Refund payments and retrieve refund details
- Subscribe to notifications on payments and refunds

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To use this API in a production environment, you must have the following:
- Tikkie contract. Click here to sign up.
- An app token that is created in Tikkie Business Portal. This is not required to use this API in the sandbox.

Important: Consumer to Consumer (C2C) use of the API is prohibited.

Important: Generation of payment requests on behalf of third parties is prohibited.

Download the Tikkie V2 OAS

To download the Tikkie V2 OAS in YAML format, click here


Different thresholds apply to aspects of payment requests, such as: the number of payments per payment request, maximum amount of a payment request, and maximum yield. These thresholds are discussed on a per customer basis when you request access to production. These thresholds are not applicable in the sandbox environment.

App token

An app token is used to identify your company. It is a unique token per API connection. Your Tikkie account can have multiple app tokens, and it is possible to assign different permissions to this token.

Important: In a production environment, appToken is created in the Tikkie Business Portal.

appToken has two permission types, these are as follows:

Permission Description
Payment Request Create payment requests, retrieve payment request details, execute payments and refunds, and create subscriptions.
Refund Create refunds

Sandbox access

Use the ABN AMRO Developer Sandbox to access dummy data, and safely try out all functionality of an API. For most products, the sandbox environment is identical to production.

To gain access to the Tikkie Payment Request API in a sandbox environment, complete the Tutorial.