Enables Tikkie business customers to create payment requests.

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Migrate if you use Tikkie Payment Request.

Production access

When you are ready to go live with your application, complete the following steps:

Important: In production, the appToken, described in Step 1, is created in the Tikkie Business Portal. The functionality described in this step is only available in the sandbox.

Note: To go live with your application, you must create a new application in the developer portal. A different API key is required for your production environment. This is described below.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click My Apps.
  3. Click + Add a new App.
  4. Enter a name for your application, select Tikkie, and click Submit.
  5. Go to the Contact form.
  6. In the Support Category field, select Access to production.
  7. In the Subject field, enter the name of your application and request access, in the following format:

    Application name=Tikkie: request for access to production.

  8. In the Email field, use the same developer e-mail that you used when setting up your application.
  9. In the Message field, enter: Request production access.
  10. Click Send.
  11. The Tikkie Service Team will contact you to discuss the details of your request. Once approved, you are ready to use this API in a live environment.