Tikkie Payment Request

Get paid faster by creating easy payment requests. Share them via any channel you want.



The Tikkie API can be used to create payment requests on behalf of users. The users of Tikkie are organized into platforms. The possibilities of the API include adding new platforms and users, creating payment requests, or retrieving information about existing payment requests. More information about the Tikkie service can be found here.

Gaining Access

To gain access to the Tikkie API, you have to:

  • Register and create an account
  • Login
  • Create an app, subscribe to the Tikkie API Product and get API credentials
  • Authenicate yourself by following the instruction below


The authentication for this API is implemented through Signed JSON Web Token (JWT). This is described on our Get Started page under the heading Authentication.

Try it out!

After obtaining an access token using above process you can use it to test the Tikkie API operations on the Operations & Sandbox page.