Tikkie Fast Checkout (for Webshops & E-commerce)

Boost the conversion rate of your webshop by enabling customers to checkout in just a few seconds.



Tikkie Fast Checkout API enables customers of a (web)shop to checkout without entering customer’s details like email and address information all the time.

Gaining Access

To gain access to the Tikkie API, you have to:

  • Register and create an account
  • Login
  • Create an app, subscribe to the Tikkie Fast Checkout API Product and get API credentials
  • Authenticate yourself by following the instruction below


The Tikkie Fast Checkout API uses a so called 'merchant token' for authentication. To use the API, you need to obtain this merchant token. For production a token will be provided to you during the on boarding process. In the Sandbox environment however you can create a merchant token yourself using below API call.

POST /v1/tikkie/fastcheckout/merchant

Request Attributes
Name Type In Required Description
API-Key String Header true Consumer key obtained after app registration on developer portal
curl -X POST -H 'API-Key: {your_api_key}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Content-Length: 0'
Response Attributes
Name Type In Required Description
merchantToken String Body true The token that can be used to access the API.
    "merchantToken": "62dbfd2f-9d22-413b-bd68-8618bb12c270"

Try it out!

You can test the API on the Operations & Sandbox page. Be sure to read all the functional and technical documentations first.