Tikkie Fast Checkout (for Webshops & E-commerce)

Boost the conversion rate of your webshop by enabling customers to checkout in just a few seconds.

Functional Details

Before diving into the specific API resources, here is an overview of how Tikkie Fast Checkout works in relation to your (web)shop:


Tikkie Fast Checkout follows the below flow:

  1. Customer of the webshop chooses to checkout with Tikkie
  2. The webshop creates an order at Tikkie containing the details of the order via POST /orders
  3. Tikkie will supply back an URL of the order where the webshop should redirect the customer to
  4. Webshop redirects the customer to Tikkie Fast Checkout
  5. Customer pays via Tikkie
  6. After successful payment, Tikkie redirects the customer back to webshop
  7. Tikkie sends an update on the order via webhooks or, alternatively the webshop can do a periodic check on the status via GET /order/{orderToken}
  8. Customer is waiting on webshop to confirm that the payment is received. When webhook is supported, the webshop will be triggered when the order is updated (e.g. when it is paid or cancelled).
  9. Webshop checks the status of the order via GET /order/{orderToken}.

The Tikkie Fast Checkout API consists of only one resource (the red circle in above diagram), namely that of an 'order'. The interaction with this resource occurs in steps 2 and 3.

POST Order

This operation creates an order that represents the items that are in the shopping cart of your customer. Aside from providing the ordered items, their price and overall shipping costs are required.

After the creation of the order, the api will return a URL that the (web)shop customer should be redirect to (step 4 in above overview). By following the URL, your customer will be presented with the Tikkie Fast Checkout page where he or she can pay using Tikkie. After the payment is completed, the customer will be redirected to your (web)shop.

As you may notice there is no need to provide a customer name, address and payment information. This information is either already available with Tikkie or will be gathered during the Tikkie Fast Checkout process.

GET Order

This operation will fetch the details of an order and will show its status (e.g. whether the order has been paid or cancelled). If it has been paid it will also contain name and address information of the payer. While this resource is useful for showing the status of an order, we encourage you to use our webhook functionality as described below so that you only need to call this resource when there is in fact an update. When you cannot use our webhook please keep in mind that you should only poll this resource in a limited fashion (see thresholds below).


Webhooks is the preferred way for getting updates on an order. A webhook url can be specified while creating an order. If a webhook URL is supplied, a POST operation will be executed on that url in case of any event for that order. The body will contain the orderToken, indicating that there is an update on that order. Then, GET /order/{orderToken} can be called to retrieve the order object containing the payer information (including shipping address).



The maximum price of all the items combined in an order is 50.000 EURO.

GET Order

To prevent too much polling on this resource the maximum calls allowed are 250 per second.