Payment Initiation

Initiate a single payment and retrieve information on the status of the transaction.


The sandbox enviroment is functionally identical to production, the technical and authorization documentation applies to both environments.

The happy flow is fully production like. However not all rainy scenario's are covered.

The sandbox is static. That means that you can do all operations known in production, but this will not result in real transactions happening on the account. Also the sandbox is recycled every day, so you start with a clean sandbox.


It is not allowed to do tests in our sandbox with transactions that contain sensitive/private information. All account numbers are fictive. All account information is production like, but have been fully anonymized.


The URL for the sandbox environment can be found in Technical. The OAUTH for sandbox is the same as for production. Please check Authorization for details.

You can use following credentials for the sandbox:

Attribute Value for Sandbox
client_id TPP_test
API-Key The Consumer Key for the sandbox for your app from the Developer Portal
redirect_uri https://localhost/auth

Certificate File
Download : Public certificate file
Download : Private key file

You may need to create an exception for the selfsigned certificate in your client.


The following accounts are available for testing.

Account type IBAN
Corporate Account NL62ABNA9999841479
Commercial Account NL12ABNA9999876523
Retail Account NL58ABNA9999142181

All account numbers are fictive and modulus 97 proof.

A simplified version of the consent application can be used to select one of the pre-configured accounts for authorization. This application is lacking production security for user authorization in favor of usability for development.

Error responses

The returned errors are productionlike. However only functional error scenario's are covered in the sandbox.

Requests and Responses

New attributes and values may be added to existing API requests and responses. Please take this into account when developing code. A change that is deemed code breaking will result in a new version both on Sandbox and Production.


Please check our Tutorial how to consume the sandbox.