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Business Account Notification1.1.0

  • Early access

Receive notifications for a wide range of use cases and automate cash management processes when something changes on your account.


Receive relevant notifications

Subscribe to events on your bank account and receive notifications when these events occur.


Automate processes

Limit the need to poll your bank account or perform manual checks by automating your cash management processes.


Respond instantly

Receive real-time notifications 24/7 and respond instantly when something changes on your bank account.


The Business Account Notification API enables ABN AMRO business clients to receive subscription based notifications using webhooks. This API offers a range of alerts which enable you to automate cash management processes. These include setting triggers for when a specific payment is received or when your balance is hit by a certain amount.

The Business Account Notification API is a great fit for any company that wants to receive notifications on their accounts. The sky is the limit when it comes to use cases, and company size is irrelevant.

Whether you are a large corporate entity managing the group balances of multiple operating companies, or a small to mid-size enterprise (SME) aiming to fully automate back-office processes, this API can work for you. It helps create relevant notifications, automate processes, and allows you to respond instantly to events on your ABN AMRO business account.

Events which trigger notifications are defined by you. You can add, change and remove the defined criteria with ease. These notifications activate machine-to-machine processes in your back-office. 


To use this API in a production environment, you must have the following:



A TLS certificate (sometimes referred to as SSL certificate) of the type Organisation Validation (OV) or Extended Validation (EV) for Business purposes, without wildcard options, is required. 

Note: Not all certificates are accepted by ABN AMRO. Certificates purchased from Digicert, Sectigo, and Entrust are the most widely accepted.


Use this API to:
  • Manage subscriptions for notifications.
  • Receive notifications when events occur.
Usable by: 

This API can be used by ABN AMRO business customers.


This API is available for ABN AMRO Business Current Accounts in the Netherlands only.

Note: This API is currently in the pilot phase. If you are interested to use this API, please contact us.

How it works


1. Setup your application

Implement the Business Account Insight API into your application.


2. Initiate a request

Request notifications from your ABN AMRO account(s) by means of subscriptions.


3. Get your notifications

Get notifications based on real-time data from your bank accounts.

Try it out

Start building in our sandbox


Want to see what you can do with this API?

Add a new app and start experimenting in our Sandbox.

What you need to use this API

1. Start building your application in the sandbox.

2. Get an ABN AMRO Business Account Number.

3. Get a contract for Internet Banking Business or Access Online.

4. Get a TLS Certificate that is accepted by ABN AMRO Bank.

5. Request production access at ABN AMRO.


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